Primary: "Our post – what's it all about?"

Our post

Hi there! Welcome to the "Our post – what's it all about?" (primary / middle years) section of this website, designed especially for you!

Explore the following sections of the site and you will discover plenty of amazing information and fun.

Meet "Pico"

Get to know the cool, and super fast "Our post" character called Pico!

All about our post

In the "All about our post" section you will learn about Australia Post and its history, the journey of a letter, what's in your letterbox, keeping our posties safe, technology and the future and much more!

Writing letters

The "Writing letters" section provides you with a great introduction to writing letters, as well as a fantastic "Let's write a letter" interactive where you can write, save and print a letter.

Multimedia fun

Your "Multimedia fun" section has the "Let's write a letter" interactive, "The journey of a letter" video and a multiple choice "History quiz" to test your knowledge – how many questions can you answer?


For extra help with understanding post words and their definitions.