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In this section you will find curriculum-linked education resource materials to support letter writing, Australian Football and cultural diversity themed classroom activities. The lesson and activity ideas provided cover all learning areasIn this section you will find Australian Curriculum-linked education resources to support letter writing, Australian Football and cultural diversity themed classroom activities. The lesson and activity ideas provided cover all learning areas.

The education resource materials have been designed for a national audience and cater for a broad range of ages and learning levels. They are copyright-free for use by Australian teachers. The activity sheets are provided in PDF and HTML formats, as well as in SMART Notebook format where applicable.

Learning outcomes

Using the curriculum support material on this website will assist students in achieving the following outcomes.

Students will:

  • learn about Australian Football
  • learn how to write a personal letter
  • explore the meaning of diversity, community and inclusivity
  • discover the history and heritage of their classmates and the local community.

Lesson and activity ideas

Some lessons and activity sheets require students to use interactives that can be found in Multimedia fun in the student section, or to read or access information in the History (in About the AFL) and Write to a Multicultural Ambassador sections.



  • Students to write a letter to a Multicultural Ambassador, AFL club or player using one of the "Let's write a letter" interactives found in the "Multimedia fun" section.
  • Students to write a report titled "What a multicultural Australia means to me".
  • Students to write an acrostic poem about their favourite Australian Football club using the letters of its name.
  • Students to collect newspaper reports about AFL or local Australian Football matches and use the "Article analysis" activity sheet to review them.
  • Students to write a poem describing how they feel about living in Australia.
  • Students to write a persuasive piece (eg song, rap, advertisement etc.) to convince an audience to get involved in Australian Football.
  • Students to discuss what the words "community", "diversity" and "social inclusion" mean to them.
  • Students to familiarise themselves with some words and phrases used in AFL by completing the "AFL jargon" activity sheet.
  • Students to rewrite "A day at the football" and make it more interesting by using expressive language (adjectives, adverbs, alliteration etc.).
  • More and more females are playing Australian Football, but it is still a male dominated sport. Students to write a persuasive piece to encourage girls to play this exciting game.

Student activity sheets

Student activity sheet solutions


  • Students to survey their friends / family / classmates / teachers etc. to find out which AFL clubs they support. Present the findings on a graph.
  • Students to survey the heritage of their friends / family / classmates / teachers etc. and present the findings on a graph.
  • Students to use multiplication (six times tables) and addition to complete the "Full-time scores" activity sheet.
  • Students to use public transport timetables to plan a trip from their house to a local football stadium. Provide students with varying match start times to arrive by.

Student activity sheets

Student activity sheet solutions


  • Invite a sports scientist to speak to the class about the role of sports science in Australian Football.
  • Students to discuss ways in which the weather can affect a game of Australian Football. Consider the playing surface, the ball and the players.

Humanities and Social Sciences (History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship, Economics and Business)

  • Students to select a number of facts from "History" in the "About the AFL" student section, then research to find out if any significant events were happening within Australia (or the rest of the world) at the same time. Present the findings on a timeline.
  • Students to research the history of letter writing. Visit Letter Link: Let's write a letter to find information.
  • Students to research the contribution of people from one other culture to Australia's national identity. Share the findings as an oral presentation.
  • Students to research the role that people from diverse cultures have played in the development of their local community and present their findings in a creative way.
  • Students to brainstorm how they think Australian Football contributes to Australia's national identity.
  • Students to research how women contribute to Australian Football. Consider their roles within clubs, the various Women's Football Leagues around the country and the female AFL umpires. Why is it important to have gender diversity in AFL?
  • Students to consider the rules of AFL then discuss why we need rules in sport and in society.
  • Students to make a list of the groups they belong to (e.g. family, friendship, sporting, cultural etc.) and then discuss how this makes them feel. How does it shape their identity?

The Arts (Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music, Visual Arts)

  • Students to work in small groups to build their own street posting box using the template provided in the Craft templates section. This could provide a place to post letters to classmates or friends.
  • Students to write a team song for a school sports team. They can use their favourite piece of music or write a new tune.
  • Students to design a class logo or shield which reflects all the cultures of class members.
  • Students to create their own football club and choose a name and design a club logo and guernsey.
  • Students to read the Multicultural Ambassador footy card profiles in the "Write to a Multicultural Ambassador" section, then create a card for themselves including a picture and interesting facts.

Technologies (Design and Technologies, Digital Technologies)

  • Students to observe and / or research the properties of a ball used in Australian Football. What materials are used and why? Can students think of any other materials that may be suitable?

Health and Physical Education

  • Students to imagine they have been chosen as captain of their local football team and complete the "Bringing people together" activity sheet to demonstrate how they would unite players from various cultures and backgrounds.
  • Students to brainstorm the values and qualities that are important to ensure that Australia is an inclusive and inviting place in which to live and play sport.
  • Students to brainstorm the skills required to play Australian Football, then create a drill to practise one of the skills. Students then teach the skill to younger students.
  • Students to investigate which foods provide the body with energy. Invite a sports nutritionist to speak to the class about diets for elite athletes.
  • Students to research the effects of physical activity on one part of the body (eg heart or lungs).
  • On an anatomy chart, students to indicate which muscles they think are used when kicking, marking, handballing or tackling.
  • Women's football is being more widely promoted and supported with the backing of the Australian Football League. Students to discuss how the media can influence the attitude and behaviours of the public towards women's football and gender inclusivity in sport.

Student activity sheets


  • Students to list the cultural backgrounds of other students in the class then research three facts about one of those cultures (that is not their own).

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