Australia Post Community Inclusion Programs for kids

Letter Link: AFL

When you think of Australia Post do you only think of letters and parcels? Well, Australia Post does much more than deliver your mail. They also support a fantastic range of programs for young people (and their families) as part of their Community Inclusion Partnership with the Australian Football League (AFL). These programs aim to promote the benefits of social inclusion (we all want to feel as though we belong) and diversity in the community.

As well as Letter Link: AFL the following programs are also available for you to enjoy being involved in:

Australia Post Multicultural Schools Cup

Throughout the year, students from more than 300 schools will participate in state-based football carnivals and might even have the opportunity to meet with the AFL Multicultural Ambassadors! Wouldn't it be exciting to talk to them about the importance of diversity and working together?

The Schools Cup involves participating in a fun eight-week module and finishes in December, when the winning schools play off for the cup.

Australia Post AFL Community Camps

These are held during the year (either before or after the AFL season). AFL teams visit local communities to promote social inclusion through participation in Australian Football. This is done with training sessions, football clinics and visits to schools, hospitals and even nursing homes.

Australian Football League Multicultural Round

Every year the AFL designates one round of the premiership season (usually around the middle of the season) as the Multicultural Round. Each year this round of football celebrates the many ways in which the Australian Football League is involved in the community, as well as the culturally diverse backgrounds of AFL players and supporters.


If you would like to be involved in any of these programs, ask your teacher or a parent / caregiver to help you find out more about them.