Students: Let's write letters to our AFL players


Welcome to Letter Link: AFL.

Australia Post, in partnership with the Australian Football League (AFL), is excited to give you the opportunity to improve your letter writing skills by writing to AFL players and clubs.

Australia Post and the AFL have selected several players as Multicultural Ambassadors. The players are from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures, but are united through a love of Australian Football and a passion for working in their local communities. The best news is that you can write to these ambassadors and we are working with them to ensure that you receive a reply (you must live in Australia though)!

It doesn't matter if you have been a passionate Australian Football supporter since you were born, or you have never even heard of the game – this program is for everyone.

You will find all sorts of information, activities and interactives on this website. So, what are you waiting for? Choose a section below and have some fun!

About the AFL

Find out about the history of the AFL, interesting facts and stats, some AFL basics (for those new to the game) and information about each AFL club.

Write to a Multicultural Ambassador

Read about each of the ambassadors, watch some video interviews and get some ideas and tips on letter writing.

Australia Post Community Inclusion Programs for kids

Find out more about the Australia Post / Australian Football League Community Inclusion Partnership and the programs it offers for you.

AFL player pathway

Information about the Australian Football programs you can get involved in.

Multimedia fun

Take a quiz, use a letter writing interactive, learn some AFL phrases in another language and much more.


If you need some help with understanding the language of Australian Football.