Jishan the delivery driver - dog safety video transcript

Video Audio

Male parcel delivery driver opening front gate and entering a property.

(Upbeat music throughout)

Narration: My name is Jishan and I'm a parcel delivery driver.

He walks up to the front door with parcel in his hand and rings the doorbell.

I like dogs but I'm always careful around them.
The door is opened and we see an excited dog at the screen door. I was attacked by the dog of one of my regular customers.
Close-up of the delivery driver talking.

The customer left the back gate open while I was delivering … the dog came from the backyard and bit on my leg.

Dog barking at a fence. Changes to a shot of a dog running up to a front fence.

Sometimes kids will let the dog out without their parents knowing, or the back gate is open for the dog to run through.

Dog running out front door.

Sometimes they even push the door open and can lunge on drivers.

Delivery driver talking. Transitions to busy road with lots of traffic. They don't always run for us … It can go onto the road into the traffic.
Shot of a person putting a dog in a room and closing the door. Cuts to delivery driver handing parcel to a customer and signing for parcel.

So if you have a dog, you can help us by putting it into another room before opening the door. And always locking your back gate.

Close-up of delivery driver talking. Cut to shot of 'beware of dog' sign on a fence. Transitions to delivery driver opening gate and walking onto property. Back to shot of delivery driver talking.

If you have a fence, and a 'Beware of the dog' sign, and we can't easily see over, we won't open the gate… even if the dog is restrained, because we can't see it.
Exterior shot of a post office then transitions to woman using a parcel locker to retrieve a parcel.

So when you buy online, think about sending the parcel to a different address, such as your local post office or a parcel locker.

Close-up of delivery driver talking. 

So please help us stay safe by securing your dogs.
 Australia Post and StarTrack logos appear. Switches to 'We love delivering' logo.