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Use Reply Paid for customer convenience


Reply Paid makes it easy - and free - for your customers to reply to your communications.

As well as the Priority delivery, Reply Paid offers the option of a Regular delivery service, taking up to an additional two business days for delivery.


  • Increase responses to your communications - when you enclose a Reply Paid envelope, your customers can respond quickly, easily and for free
  • Pay only for the articles that you receive

How to use Reply Paid

You can use our Reply Paid service for:

  • Reply Paid Letters (Domestic) - enclose a Reply Paid envelope, postcard, coupon or self-mailer in 'Large' or 'Small' items sent within Australia
  • International Reply Paid Letters (IRP) - extend your marketing campaign overseas and get the same benefits with for 'Small' items under 50g
  • If you need a reply paid service for larger items, you can use our Return Paid parcels service

We provide you with a Reply Paid address with barcode that can be pre-printed or handwritten onto envelopes. Customers then use this envelope to reply to you. You are charged only for the mail that is returned to this address - there is no charge to the customer.

What you can send

With Reply Paid, you can send 'Small' or 'Large' items

Small Large

Maximum weight

125g (50g for IRP)


Minimum size

90 x 145mm


Maximum size

130 x 240mm

260 x 360mm

Maximum thickness



Get started!

To use our Reply Paid service, you'll need to complete a Reply Paid application form (120kb)

Send your completed form to Reply Paid/ Return Paid Administrator, GPO Box 9804 Sydney NSW 2001 or email it to Within 3 working days, we'll confirm our acceptance and send your Reply Paid approval and artwork.

Please note: You'll need an Australia Post business credit account to use this service.

Pricing and payment


To use Reply Paid, you'll need an Australia Post business credit account.


An annual fee of $100 applies for every domestic Reply Paid permit, which is charged to your account. Your monthly statement will show the Reply Paid volume and charges for that month.

You can then pay your account using cash, credit card or debit card.

Please note: For International Reply Paid, there's a one-off application fee of $70.95, but no annual fee.

Postage rates

Postage rates depend on the size and weight of the item, and whether the Reply Paid address is barcoded.

Reply Paid letters (domestic)


Regular timetable - Barcoded

Regular timetable - Non barcoded

Priority timetable - Barcoded

Small (up to 125g)




Large (up to 125g)




Large (126g - 250g)




Large (251g - 500g)




Barcoded - correctly addressed and formatted

Non-barcoded - (includes incorrect formats, incorrect barcodes and non-machineable articles)

Annual fee for each Reply Paid number


Reply Paid International letters



Response fee


One-time application fee for each Reply Paid number


How to use Reply Paid

Posting your mail

Using Reply Paid is easy:

  1. Prepare your Reply Paid envelopes: Refer to the Reply Paid Guide (3.92mb) for detailed instructions on how to prepare your Reply Paid articles (if you need a mail house to help you, check our list of Bulk Mail Partners). You can also refer to the Reply Paid poster (164kb) for examples of correct domestic small letter envelopes.
  2. Send us a sample

    We recommend you send us a sample of your Reply Paid artwork, so we can test its address accuracy and readability. Email it to or mail to:

    Reply Paid/Return Paid Administrator
    GPO Box 9804
    Sydney NSW 2001

    We'll aim to return your sample, along with recommendations, within 3 working days.

  3. Response/return management: We'll count the number of Reply Paid articles received at your issued Reply Paid number and issue you with a monthly statement of service costs.

Terms and conditions apply.

Need help?

If you have any questions about Reply Paid, call us on 1300 845 091 or email us.

Get started

To apply, complete a
Reply Paid application form (120kb)
Note: You'll need an Australia Post business credit account to use this service.

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