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Build goodwill with your customers


If you are sending or promoting products or services that will need a response from customers by mail, our Reply Paid International service and International Reply Coupons is the simple and cost-effective solution.

Reply Paid

With our Reply Paid International service, postage for your customer is free and you only pay for the responses you receive. It's available worldwide for small letters up to 50g.

Reply Coupons

International Reply Coupons can be placed inside your overseas mail items. The recipient can redeem the coupon for stamps to send you a letter up to 50g by Airmail. 

Reply Paid International

Reply Paid

Reply Paid International is the easy and affordable way for your customers to reply to you via mail.


  • Increase responses to your direct mail campaigns
  • Build goodwill with your customers
  • Provide an easy way for customers to respond
  • Generate sales leads, enquiries or responses to questionnaires
  • Encourage prompt payments and requests for information
  • Build your database

Item choices

You can use a postcard or Airmail letter to send a Reply Paid International item if it meets the following size specifications:

Dimension Minimum Maximum
Length 140mm 235mm
Width 90mm 120mm
Thickness 0.18mm (Postcards) 5mm
Weight - 50 grams

See Appendix 4 of our Reply Paid service guide (3.92mb) for colour and printing specifications.


For a detailed pricing table, please view the Post charges guide

Apply for a permit

  1. Complete the Reply Paid application form (120kb)
  2. Post the Reply Paid application to the address listed on the application form in your state. Alternatively, lodge it at a Post Office.
    Note: You need to be a Business Credit Account customer to use this service.
    If you need to open an account, send a completed Business Credit Account application form (354kb) along with your Reply Paid Service application.
  3. After your application form is processed (usually within 7 days), you'll receive a permit.

Your permit is valid for a single name and Australian address. The unique permit number must be displayed on each International Reply Paid article that you send.

International Reply Coupons

Reply Coupons

International Reply Coupons make it easy for your recipient to mail you a reply.


  • Encourages a reply from the recipient
  • Lets your international customers send back faulty goods at no cost

Get started

You can purchase International Reply Coupons at any Post Office for $3.65 each.

Simply insert the coupon in your mail item for the recipient to redeem at a Post Office in the destination country. They can redeem it for stamps to send a small letter up to 50g by Air Mail.

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Support & FAQs

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