Impact Mail

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Get creative with Impact Mail


Want to send something a bit unusual? Impact Mail lets you send addressed items of virtually any shape. You can send different materials too - such as metal, wood, fabric or leather.


  • 'Think outside the envelope' and use the distinctive look and feel of your mailed items to get your campaign noticed
  • Gain recognition for your brand by sending out unusual items
  • Help your brand, product or promotion to really stand out in the mailbox

Case study: Learn how we helped Bankwest secure more business loan customers with impact mail.

What you can send

With Impact Mail, you can send items of virtually any shape - but there a few things to remember:

Advice on shapes Click to expand Click to collapse

Your items must be non-rectangular in shape, and fit within the size specifications listed below. You can experiment with shapes, die-cuts and folds.

Some shapes are susceptible to damage. For this reason, we suggest you avoid the following:

  • Long 'tails', which are likely to bend or break off
  • Shapes that could become entangled with other mail
  • Shapes with sharp or pointed edges that could injure people or damage other mail
  • Shapes without enough flat area to show the address, return address and Postage Paid imprint, or to apply a redirection or return-to-sender sticker

Advice on materials Click to expand Click to collapse

Items can be made from a range of non-paper materials such as rubber, plastic, vinyl, leather or wood. If you're using something other than paper, you'll need to send us a sample for testing.

Please note: with Impact Mail, you can only send 'Small' or 'Small Plus' items.

 Size details


Small Plus

Maximum weight



Minimum size



Maximum size



Maximum thickness



Delivery times

Impact Mail delivery standards (152kb)

Other requirements

  • You need to send at least 300 items per lodgement
  • Each lodgement must contain items in the same size category
  • All items within a lodgement must come from the same organisation

Pricing and payment


Postage rates start at $1.05 each and depend on the size of the item, its destination and the sort category. 

You have the choice to sort articles into three sort categories: Postcode Direct tray, Area tray and Residue. These sort categories are explained below along with relevant pricing.

You can pay for Impact Mail using your Australia Post business credit account, a postage meter, cash, debit card or credit card.

Postcode direct tray Click to expand Click to collapse

  • Articles in separate trays for each postcode
  • The minimum quantity is 200 articles per postcode
  • Remaining articles become 'Residue'
Size  Same state Other state 
 Small $1.05 $1.08
 Small Plus $1.522 $1.56

Area tray Click to expand Click to collapse

  • Articles in separate trays according to the Impact Mail sort plan of postcode ranges
  • The minimum quantity is 200 articles per sort plan division
  • Remaining articles become 'Residue'
 Size Same state Other state
 Small $1.11 $1.14
 Small Plus $1.603 $1.65

Residue Click to expand Click to collapse

  • Articles not sorted into a sort plan
  • Articles arranged in ascending postcode order
  • There is no minimum quantity
Size  Same state  Other state
Small $1.19 $1.22
Small Plus $1.69 $1.74

How to use Impact Mail

Posting your mail

Using Impact Mail is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Prepare your mail: If you need a mail house or printer to help you, the Printing Industries Association of Australia provides a list of printers and mail houses capable of producing Impact Mail articles.

    If you're concerned about the design of your piece, send it to us for assessment at:
       Australia Post
       Attn: Impact Mail Administrator
       Business Letter Services
       GPO Box 1777
       MELBOURNE VIC 3001

    If you just need an assessment of the design, you can email it to us at We'll give you our recommendations within 3 working days.

  2. Complete lodgement documentation: Complete the Impact Mail lodgement document (84kb) or if you're paying using a postage meter, complete the Metered lodgement document (120kb).

  3. Lodge your mail: Take your completed document, with your items, to your closest approved lodgement facility*, or your mail house may use the Electronic Lodgement Management System (eLMS) and arrange for your items to be collected instead.

Please note: if you're lodging more than 10,000 items, you'll also need to complete an Impact Mail supporting document. This details the number of items and trays in each sort plan.

Terms and conditions apply

Need help?

If you have any questions about Impact Mail, call us on 13 11 18 or email us.

You'll also find more detailed information in our Impact Mail Service Guide (2.20mb)

* Approved lodgement facilities are those you nominated when you applied for an Australia Post business credit account. If you don't have an Australia Post business credit account, you can lodge your articles at a Post Office.

Think outside the envelope

For advice on getting creative with Impact Mail, send us a few details and one of our friendly team members will be in touch.