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If you're a charity, use Charity Mail


If you're an income tax exempt charity, Charity Mail helps you save money on your bulk mail (300 items or more).

As well as Priority delivery, Charity Mail offers the option of a lower cost Regular timetable for non-time critical mail, taking up to an additional 2 business days for delivery.


With Charity Mail, you can send 'Small' or 'Large' items:

  Small   Large
Maximum weight 125g   125g
Minimum size 88 x 138mm  N/A 
Maximum size 130 x 240mm  260 x 360mm 
Maximum thickness 5mm  20mm 

Please note:

  • All items must carry a barcode
  • All items must be sorted into particular postcode ranges
  • 'Large' items use Regular timetable only

Get started!

To be eligible for the service, you must be endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) as an income tax exempt charity (ITEC).

To start using Charity Mail, complete a Charity Mail application form (82kb) and send it with a copy of the 'Notice of endorsement for charity tax concessions' document from the ATO to:

Charity Mail Co-ordinator
Postal Services Section
Australia Post
Level 2, 219-241 Cleveland St
Strawberry Hills NSW 1420


On approval, we will send you an 8-digit identification number to use on all your mailouts.

Delivery times

Charity Mail delivery standards (84kb)

Pricing and payment


You can pay for Charity Mail using your Australia Post business credit account, a postage meter, cash, debit card or credit card.  

Postage rates start at $0.495 per item, depending on the destination, level of sorting and the delivery standard you need.

Size Same State
Barcode direct tray
Other State
Barcode direct tray
Non barcoded
Small* (Priority timetable) $0.60 $0.635 $0.70 $1.125
Small* (Regular timetable) $0.495 $0.515 $0.546 $0.90
Large* (Regular timetable) $1.03 $1.088 $1.292 $1.88

* Weight - up to 125g

Getting started using Charity Mail

Posting your mail

Using Charity Mail is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Prepare your mail: You or your mail house needs to prepare your Charity Mail articles (if you need a mail house to help you, check our list of Bulk Mail Partners). Refer to the PreSort Letters Service Guide (1.35mb) for detailed instructions on how to prepare and sort your Charity Mail articles.

    Please note: there will be service changes to Charity Mail effective 6 October 2014. For an overview of these updates, refer to the Charity Mail service changes document (260kb).
    If you're unsure whether your mail meets the service requirements for addressing, send us a sample of your letter. We'll test for barcode accuracy and readability. Either send to:
    Mail Presentation
    Australia Post
    Level 2, 219-241 Cleveland St

    ... or email We'll provide feedback within 3 working days.
  2. Complete your lodgement documentation: Complete the PreSort lodgement document (100kb) or, if you're paying using a postage meter, complete the Metered lodgement document (120kb).
  3. Lodge your mail: Take your completed document, with your articles, to your closest approved lodgement facility*, or your mail house may use the Electronic Lodgement Management System (eLMS) and arrange for your items to be collected.
Please note: If you're lodging more than 2,000 items, you'll also need to complete a PreSort Letters supporting document. This details the number of items and trays in each sort plan. Refer to the PreSort Letters Service Guide (1.35mb) for more information. 
  • Terms and conditions apply

      Need help?

      If you have any questions about Charity Mail, call us on 13 11 18 or email us.

    1. *Approved lodgement facilities are those you nominated when you applied for an Australia Post business credit account.  If you don't have an Australia Post business credit account, you can lodge articles at a Post Office.

      Get started

      Complete the Charity Mail application form (82kb)

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