Barcode Quality Program

Free help to make barcoding work for you

The Barcode Quality Program (BQP) is a free service to help you barcode and print bulk mailings according to our guidelines. It helps you benefit from the discounted PreSort prices by maintaining print quality, which ensures consistency in machine readability.

BQP services

Print Certification Click to expand Click to collapse

This process enables you to demonstrate that a specific printer/font combination accurately translates and prints the bar state values as their associated barcode characters - and that the print quality of your barcodes can pass our technical specifications.

When you register, you'll receive a Print Test File (PTF), which you can use to send print samples to the Barcode Quality Program for testing. If your printer passes the test, you'll receive a certificate.

Preliminary barcode check Click to expand Click to collapse

If you don't need Print Certification, you can contact the BQP for a preliminary barcode check on physically printed or electronically supplied samples.

Please note: if you supply barcodes electronically, we cannot check their dimensions - but we can verify address matching and barcode length and height.

Software Content Click to expand Click to collapse

The Software Content process is designed to help product developers with barcode content logic, from the Delivery Point Identifier (DPID) and other parameters to correctly translating bar state values (the digits that are later converted into barcode characters).

When you register for this, you'll receive a Self Test File (STF), which you can use to measure and diagnose your software's capability to generate barcodes.

When you've completed your in-house testing with the STF, we'll send you the Approval Test File (ATF), which contains specific test cases for testing. You then return the completed test file to the Barcode Quality Program for testing. If your software passes the test, you'll receive a certificate.

It normally takes around 10 working days to provide the Statement of Capability, depending on the quality of the testing information we receive.

Self-test barcode-quality tools

Customer Barcode Check Templates Click to expand Click to collapse

We supply templates and instructions during the testing phase. They are also available from your Australia Post sales contact or by emailing

Customer Barcode Quality Assurance Program (CBQA) Click to expand Click to collapse

The CBQA Program is for companies in the Bulk Mail Partners Program. Equipment includes the following:

  • Scanner stand
  • CD Software
  • Installation instructions/relevant documentation
  • Calibration barcode
  • Scanner (charges apply)
  • USB cable (charges apply)

Need more assistance?

Send us your completed BQP registration form, and we'll contact you within 2 working days.

You can email your form to or post it to:

Barcode Quality Program
Mail services
Australia Post
GPO Box 1777

To find out more about the range of services offered by the Barcode Quality Program, download BQP Guidelines and Terms and Conditions (660kb).

Reference materials

Barcoding reference material Click to expand Click to collapse

Zero barcode reference material Click to expand Click to collapse

  • Zero FCC format barcode specification - Mar 2012 [77kb] - if a DPID assignment is unsuccessful, you can use an alternative Format Control Code (FCC) on all unassigned DPID articles to append additional information within an extended length (52 or 67) 4-state barcode. This provides a consistent method of data capture for all returns, orders or campaign responses. The FCC section of the barcode must be interpreted as zeros
  • Zero Value Fact Sheet - Sep 2009 [70kb] - facts on using the zero value format control code, which assigns zero values to the FCC and the DPID. If the article is returned to the sender, they can still scan it and the appended return/order tracking information encoded in the customer information field is captured

Companies who have achieved Statement of Capability

The following companies have the correct printing configurations to achieve Statement of Capability for printing barcodes:

  • Attache Software
  • Comprite
  • DataTools
  • Fuji Xerox
  • HPA
  • Insignia
  • inTelmail
  • Océ
  • Permail
  • The Mailing House
  • TSC Business Services

The following companies have achieved the Statement of Capability for barcode content:

  • Acxiom
  • Cadist Consulting
  • DataTools
  • Intech Solutions
  • PrintSoft
  • QAS Pty Ltd
  • Spinifex