Acquisition Mail

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Acquisition Mail helps you target potential customers, in specific areas, with addressed, but non-personalised, mail.

It's an effective way to make your correspondence count, helping you generate sales leads or donations, or sign up new members to your organisation.


  • Target your mail to households in specific postcodes, suburbs, or Census Collection Districts (CCDs)
  • Protect your relationships with existing customers by being able to remove their addresses from your mailing
  • Reduce advertising costs through low-cost postage - and by targeting your mail-outs, saving you printing costs
  • Plan for campaign costs. With our address count tool, you can see how many address points you have in your nominated target region

What you can send

With Acquisition Mail, you can send 'Small' or 'Small Plus' items.
    Small Small Plus  
Maximum weight 125g  125g 
Minimum size 88 x 138mm  88 x 138mm
Maximum size 130 x 240mm  162 x 240mm 
Maximum thickness  5mm 5mm 

Delivery times

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  • You need to lodge at least 30,000 items in total
  • You need to mail to at least 60 per cent of the addresses supplied in your target area
  • You can make a maximum of 3 progressive lodgements over a maximum period of 6 weeks
  • You must make all lodgements within 3 months of the data supply date
  • The content of your items must be designed to acquire new customers or members
  • You must only use Australia Post's return address on your items

  • You must send us a pdf or physical sample of your items for our approval before going ahead with the mailing

How will my mail look?

An example address would be:

To the Resident
123 Busby St

Pricing and payment


Postage rates start at $0.585 per item depending on its size, destination and the sort category.

You can pay for Acquisition Mail using your Australia Post business credit account, or a postage meter.

Size Same State
Barcode direct tray
Other State
Barcode direct tray
Barcode residue Non barcoded
Small* $0.585 $0.61 $0.855 $0.90
Small Plus* $0.815 $0.858 $1.30 $1.42

* Weight - up to 125g

How to use Acquisition Mail

Posting your mail

To start using our Acquisition Mail service, just follow these 5 steps:

  1. Register:
    Register your campaign using our Acquisition Mail online registration system. We'll send you an address file for your nominated target regions within 2 working days. Your mail house or agency can also register on your behalf. Please note: we charge 10 cents per address if you don't lodge your campaign within 3 months of receiving the addresses.
  2. Prepare your mail:
    Prepare your items for posting - if you need a mail house to help you, check our list of Bulk Mail Partners.
  3. Send a PDF for proofing:
    Send a PDF of the item you're mailing to the Acquisition Mail Administrator at quoting your Acquisition Mail Job ID number for easy reference. We'll check the piece to ensure it complies with our content and address requirements, and we will use our best endeavours to let you know the outcome within 2 working days.
  4. Complete your documentation:
    Complete the pre-populated lodgement document you received with your address file, and fill out an Acquisition Mail supporting document, showing the number of items and trays in each sort plan.
  5. Lodge your mail:
    Take your completed documents, with your items, to your closest approved lodgement facility*. Alternatively, your mail house may use the Electronic Lodgement Management System (eLMS) and arrange for your items to be collected instead.

Returned items

Returned items we receive at our return address will be counted, and we'll let you know the return rate within 2 months of the last lodgement date. In the unlikely event that the return rate is over 10%, you'll receive a rebate on postage for all items above 10%.

Terms and conditions apply

Need help?

If you have any questions about Acquisition Mail, call us on 13 11 18 or email us.

You'll also find more detailed information in our Acquisition Mail Guide (1.44mb)

*Approved lodgement facilities are those you nominated when you applied for an Australia Post business credit account. If you don't have an Australia Post business credit account, you can lodge your articles at a Post Office.

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