Bubble wrap postie video #1 transcript

 Video Audio 

In this film we see shots of our Australia Post postman navigating the dangers of the job - wrapped in a bubble wrap suit.

Only audio throughout is a backing track playing a fairly happy, comedic tune.

We open on the postman beginning work for the day and swiping himself in on the staff swipe card system set-up in the Post Office.  
 Next scene is the postie wrapping himself up in the rec room in the back of the Post Office.  
The postie, now fully wrapped in bubble wrap, leaves the rec room and tries to squeeze through a large plastic flap door without getting stuck. It takes a few goes before he gets through.  
Copy appears on the screen which says 'We're taking extra care of our posties.'   
 The postie, now in the back part of the Post Office where all the bikes and motorcycles live, is checking his bike to make sure everything is in working order before he leaves for his round. He puts his water bottle in the holder on the bike, rings his bell, checks his brakes and then attempts to get onto the bike.  
 The bubble wrap suit is hampering his efforts to complete even the simplest of tasks, such as climbing onto his bike. After numerous attempts of jumping on we then see another attempt to swing his leg over his bike - a tough ask when you're wrapped in stiff layers of bubble wrap.  
The postie finally makes it on the bike and we see him 'deflating' and slowly being lowered down further and further on the bike seat as many bubbles in his suit pop.   
 Copy appears on screen which says 'But we cant keep them in bubble wrap.'  
 Next shot is the postie taking a cumbersome ride down a suburban street in the suit. It's a beautiful, sunny day.  
His day to day tasks are being hindered by the suit. He attempts to deliver mail into the letterbox and drops a letter. After a few attempts to pick it back up he manages to slide it into the letterbox and peddles on.   
 He peddles up to driveway where a reversing car narrowly misses him.  
Copy on screen appears, saying 'We need your help. Please toot your horn and back out slowly.'   
 The Australia Post logo then appears on the final screen with copy reading 'Find out more at auspost.com.au/safety'