Australia Post App video transcript

 Visual Audio 

 Wording peels out across screen: 'Introducing the Australia Post App'

Apple iPhone appears on screen displaying the home page of the App.

Frame slides to show an Android phone also displaying the home page of the App.

The Android screen shows the Tracking function where the user's mail is tracked by date and status.

Wording: 'You can scan and track Australia Post parcels'

Beat starts, interlude of song.

Dollar symbol with wording below:
'Convert and buy currency'

iPad Screen displays options for currency conversion and purchase as the user flicks through each tab.

Wording: 'Scan and pay selected bills'

Apple Iphone screen locks in on a barcode and scans it.
User then flicks through the Payment options and labels the bill; 'Gas.'

Wording: Available on Android

Screen transitions to 'Find your location' option that then pin points Australia Post retail stores on a map.

Wording: 'and on iPhone and iPad'

App home page is displayed on the iPhone, to the right of this is the iPad with the retail store locator function being displayed on the screen 

It's a great day, I'm feelin' good (ohhh)

The possibilities of what I could (ohhh)

Do with the world at my finger tips

My imagination brings a smile up to my lips (ohhh)

Fascinated I am movin' fast (ohhh)


I'm optimistic as the days go past (ohhh)

Up, and up, up, up
We're going up, up up, and up, up, up (x4)
We're going up.

 End Frame: Easier. Faster.

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