Water & waste programs

At Australia Post, we've rolled out several initiatives to reduce our water usage, manage waste, and encourage recycling.

Keeping our water consumption low

Our water consumption is relatively low compared with other large organisations. We mainly use water in our kitchens, bathrooms and air conditioning systems. A small number of sites also use water to wash vehicles and maintain gardens.

Reducing water usage at our major facilities Click to expand Click to collapse

We've introduced a range of initiatives to cut water consumption at our major facilities, which include the installation of:

  • a reticulated water recycling system that treats and reuses water for the truck wash bay at the Melbourne Parcels Facility in Ardeer
  • rainwater tanks to provide water for the toilet system and gardens at Toowoomba Mail Centre
  • a 328,000-litre rainwater tank to provide water for the toilet system and gardens at Dandenong Letters Centre
  • a new truck wash system that recycles water at the Dandenong Letters Centre

Reducing our waste

We're committed to improving our waste management and reducing the amount of non-recycled waste sent to landfill.

Our waste hierarchy Click to expand Click to collapse

We use a waste hierarchy that illustrates how we deal with waste management:

  • Refuse - find another solution that doesn't require the use of the material at all
  • Replace - the material with something more environmentally efficient, such as materials made from recycled or biodegradable content
  • Reduce - the amount of materials used, and avoid excessive packaging
  • Reuse - materials as much as possible, or reuse materials for other purposes, like toner cartridges
  • Recycle - as much material as possible, to help conserve natural resources and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill

Data on the waste we generate is collected through our Environmental Management System.

Our recycling partnerships Click to expand Click to collapse

We're partnering with Remondis to go ahead with a national waste-recycling program that will reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill. This includes colour-coded recycling collection bins, instructional signage and a staff-awareness campaign. Additionally, we are targeting a reduction of our overall waste to landfill and an increased rate of recycled material.

We also support several community programs that encourage recycling, including MobileMuster and Cartridges 4 Planet Ark.

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Phasing out of plastic bags Click to expand Click to collapse

We don't use plastic shopping bags in any of our retail outlets anymore. This change was implemented with little negative feedback from our customers - who, like most Australians, believe that removing plastic bags is a positive step for the environment.

Improving our products and services Click to expand Click to collapse

We've been working to reduce the waste generated from our products and services for many years.

Read about our success in our National Packaging Covenant.

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