Postal Delivery Officer (bicycle)

What are the responsibilities of a Bicycle Postie?

  • Manually sorting mail each morning.
    Receiving and sorting mail may involve lifting and handling heavy parcels and trays of mail items. The mail is then sorted into a logical street and number order for delivery (known as "streeting and sequencing"). This is done by standing in front of a sorting frame in which each item of mail is examined and placed into the appropriate slot. It is then bundled up in order for delivery. This sorting process needs to be completed efficiently and accurately in order to meet our service standards.
  • Delivering mail to customers by bicycle supplied by Australia Post.
  • Maintaining accurate clerical records in relation to all changes that occur within the Postie's allocated area (eg redirection notices).
  • Meeting all conduct, diligence and efficiency requirements.

All permanent full-time and part-time positions at Australia Post are subject to a three month probationary period during which time they will be required to meet specific performance standards.

What is the workplace like?

  • Delivery Centres are busy working environments. Ranging in size, they largely consist of numerous sorting frames for sorting mail into a sequence.
  • Delivery centres are spread across metropolitan and country areas of Australia.

What are the essential requirements for Bicycle Posties?

  • Ability to ride a bicycle in a safe manner.
  • Our bicycles have a safe working load limit which requires you to weigh 115kg or less when fully clothed.
  • Fit and able to lift up to 16kg of mail on a repetitive basis.

What are the additional requirements for Bicycle Posties?

  • Friendly, courteous and of neat appearance. Posties are in daily contact with our customers and are therefore a reflection of our business within the community.
  • Possess sound communication and interpersonal skills as you will be in constant contact with customers.
  • Good learning, memory recall and hand / eye coordination abilities.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to Occupational Health and Safety standards of Australia Post.
  • Must be reliable and enjoy early morning starts, as part of or the entire shift could be spent delivering the mail.
  • Flexibility to stay until the job has been completed and a genuine desire to help fellow team members.
  • Be able to demonstrate high work standards.

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