Owner Driver opportunities

Opportunities within Messenger Post Couriers

Messenger Post Couriers is the national courier division of Australia Post and specialises in the secure movement of time critical documents.

With offices in major capital cities in Australia, Messenger Post Couriers provides a range of reliable and customised regular courier services in CBD and metro areas of major capital cities. Our focus is providing the speed and reliability that businesses demand.

Owner Driver opportunities

For more information about Incorporated Owner Driver positions, please email us using the address listed next to the state where you reside.

Australia Capital Territory DLACTRecruitmentMPC@auspost.com.au
New South Wales DLNSWRecruitmentMPC@auspost.com.au
Northern Territory DLSARecruitmentMPC@auspost.com.au
Queensland DLQLDRecruitmentMPC@auspost.com.au
South Australia DLSARecruitmentMPC@auspost.com.au
Tasmania DLTASRecruitmentMPC@auspost.com.au
Victoria DLVICRecruitmentMPC@auspost.com.au
Western Australia DLWARecruitmentMPC@auspost.com.au

Work for us!

Interested in becoming a driver for Messenger Post Couriers? Email us or call 13 13 20 to find out about current opportunities.