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Australia Post plays an important role in the Australian community, so we're required by law to meet specific performance standards. We aim to not only meet these required standards, but meet the changing needs of our customers as we continue to grow together.

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We're committed to making our postal facilities easy to access and able to meet reasonable levels of community demand. That's why you can choose from more than 4,000 post offices, or over 10,000 street posting boxes to lodge your mail.

Street posting boxes can be found wherever we expect an acceptable level of demand. Every so often though, usage declines to the point where it becomes necessary to balance the costs of clearing and maintaining the box with the reduced benefit provided.

If usage of a box falls below 25 articles per day, we may relocate or remove the box after consulting with the community and relevant local member of Federal Parliament.

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We aim to get your mail moving to its final destination on the same day it's posted, which means our latest posting time is generally 6pm Monday to Friday in metropolitan areas and large rural cities and towns. You can find posting times displayed on street posting boxes.

Other times may apply in some rural or regional centres, particularly in isolated areas. This is because we often rely on commercial services such as planes and ferries to transport the mail, and have no control over their departure and arrival schedules.

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Our delivery standards apply to all letters posted by the latest posting time.

Address of letter 

Delivery time * 

Delivery in the same state: 


In the same metropolitan area, regional city or town**

 Next business day

Between metropolitan and country areas 

Second business day 

Between country areas 

Second business day 

Delivery to another state:


From one metropolitan area to another (including Canberra and Darwin) 

Second business day 

Between metropolitan and country areas

Third business day 

Between country areas 

Fourth business day 

We're required to deliver 94 per cent of domestic letters on time, based on an independent audit. Although we often exceed this target, it's not always possible to deliver some of our 21 million articles a day on time. This is because we rely on various modes of transport to travel across the country, through all types of weather and terrain, while still maintaining affordable postage prices

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Stamps and postage assessment facilities are available from more than 4,000 post offices (including more than 2,500 outlets in rural and remote areas).

A limited range of stamps can also be purchased from licensed stamp vendors, or vending machines and postpoints, such as newsagencies and milk bars. Stamps are also available through private mail bags.

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As part of our CSO, we make our basic letter service available on an equitable basis by delivering to street, roadside, post office and post office box addresses across Australia.

The delivery of mail is provided as part of the cost of postage unless mail is delivered to a post office box or private bag, both of which incur an annual fee.

We try our best to deliver to the addressed property but have to take into consideration factors such as the availability of local transport, delivery costs and customer preference. If we can't deliver directly to the property, mail can be collected from our nearest post office or from a post office box provided at a concessional rate.

When we establish a new delivery service, or propose changes to an existing one, our policy is to consult directly with affected local communities.

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Our delivery frequency is Monday to Friday, 5 times a week (holidays excepted), for street letterboxes, post office boxes and post offices.

In regional or rural areas, the standard is mostly 5 times a week, but can be between 2 to 4 times depending on the cost and community need.

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The cost of postage for a basic letter (small, standard-sized items), delivered from anywhere to anywhere in Australia, is currently 70 cents.

Australia Post must notify the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) of any proposed change to reserved letter services. Prior to finalising any pricing proposal we consult with key stakeholders to ensure there is broad understanding of the business case for change.

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Through our network of postal outlets, we offer a range of packaging, bill payment and financial services.We also act on behalf of other organisations to process applications, view documents and complete identification checks (eg. passport applications).

Our retail outlets are conveniently located, suitably equipped and professionally staffed to ensure our customer service is of the highest quality.

Products and services in our post offices may vary in response to local demand and other local service availability.

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We aren't liable for any loss or damage to letters or articles carried by the Australia Post letter service.

Information about Australia Post's liability and compensation scheme can be found in the Australia Post Terms and Conditions.

For information about purchasing Extra Cover when sending valuable goods and documents, please see sending valuable items.

If you want to lodge a compensation claim, call us on 13 76 78. You can refer the matter to the Postal Industry Ombudsman if you're not satisfied with the outcome.

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Resolving complaints is an important part of our continuous improvement process.

If you have a complaint you can let us know:

  • by calling 13 POST (13 7678)
  • by email
  • in person at any of our post offices
  • in writing to the commercial manager in your state

We aim to resolve most complaints within 10 working days but some complaints may take longer.

If you aren't satisfied with the outcome, you can call the Postal Industry Ombudsman on 1300 362 072 or visit

* Our standard delivery timetables are available at all post offices.

** Towns which share adjacent boundaries (e.g. Albury/Wodonga; Canberra/Queanbeyan) receive deliveries on the next business day.

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Community Service Obligations

Australia Post is required by law to meet specific performance standards called Community Service Obligations (CSOs).

Download our Customer Service Charter (3463kb) for more information.