Freedom of Information (FOI)

The Commonwealth Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act) gives you the right to access information contained in documents from some Commonwealth agencies, including Australia Post.

How to apply for Australia Post documents under FOI

Access to documents under the FOI Act can be obtained by forwarding a written request to:

Freedom of Information Officer
Legal Department
Australia Post Headquarters
GPO Box 1777

Or, by email to:

The request should:

  1. Clearly describe the documents you wish to access
  2. State that you are requesting access under the FOI Act
  3. Include your contact details

We can't process your request unless all of this information is supplied.

If your request is unclear or too general, you might be asked to re-submit your application. We'll tell you what further information is required.

You can make a request yourself or you can authorise another person, such as a solicitor, to make a request on your behalf.

Fees and charges

Application fees were abolished under amendments to the Commonwealth FOI Act in 2010, however charges may be applied for time spent searching for documents and photocopying. We'll notify you if these charges apply and will ask if you still wish to proceed.

How we respond

We'll notify you of our decision regarding your request to access information as soon as possible and no later than 30 days after it's received.

If you're asked to re-submit the application, the 30 day period will be from when the resubmission is received.

If your request involves personal or business information relating to a third party, we'll ask for their views on the release of that information. Your application my take longer than 30 days to process if this is required.

If we decide not to release some or all of the documents that you requested, we'll give you reasons for our decision and tell you how you can appeal. We may also suggest that you send your application to another agency, or transfer your request as appropriate.

More information

Commercial activities exemption Click to expand Click to collapse

Australia Post has an exemption under section 7 of the FOI Act from releasing documents relating to our "commercial activities". Any requests for documents that concern our "commercial activities" will be reviewed in accordance with the provisions of the FOI Act. If deemed to be exempt, access won't be granted and you'll be informed of the reasons for our decision.

Information publication scheme Click to expand Click to collapse

Australia Post's Information Publication Scheme (IPS) was developed in line with changes made in 2010 to the FOI Act. To comply with these new requirements, we made a broad range of information available on our website.

Despite our "commercial activities" exemption, we've adopted a pro-disclosure approach, and aim, wherever possible, to proactively make information about our business and related activities available to the public.

Information is grouped and accessible through the following categories.

Who we are

Information about our organisation, its structure and governance and our senior management team.

What we do

Information relating to the functions and services of Australia Post, including our decision making powers.

Our annual reports

Copies of our current and previous annual reports.

Freedom of Information disclosure log Click to expand Click to collapse

Amendments made to the FOI Act in 2010 require Commonwealth agencies to publish copies of material released under the FOI Act within 10 days of the decision being made.

We have maintained a list of documents released under the FOI Act since 1 May 2011. This list is not exhaustive because it doesn't include the:

  • documents relating to Australia Post's commercial activities which are exempt pursuant to section 7 the FOI Act
  • documents of a personal or commercially valuable nature released under FOI
  • documents to which access has been refused or which are exempt from release under FOI
  • documents which have been released outside the FOI framework.

The table below provides a general description of documents disclosed (with redactions) under the FOI Act since 1 May 2011.

Disclosure log number

Date information listed in disclosure log 

Summary of FOI request received 

Description of information released (and whether released in full or part) 


4 August 2011 

Request seeking the volume of letter mailed each year for the past 30 years 

Extracts from the Australia Post Annual Reports detailing letter volumes 

22 November 2011 

Request seeking truck numbers in the Australia Post fleet, tracking devices used, volumes and ULD's and purchasing patterns

Information provided from the Australia Post Transport Division 

How to obtain copies of these documents

To request copies of the above documents, please follow the steps outlined at the top of this page.

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