Fast facts about Australia Post

Did you know Australia Post is Australia's largest retail network? Or that it delivers 12.6 million letters to 11.3 million addresses across Australia every day?

This page has plenty of interesting fast facts about Australia Post. And while you might be used to us as part of your everyday life, there's more to us than meets the eye. In fact, there's a lot that might surprise you about us.

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Australia Post is a Government Business Enterprise. The Commonwealth Government of Australia is our sole shareholder.

We are a commercially-run business dedicated to providing accessible, reliable and affordable postal services to all Australians.

We are a fully self-funding business and we receive no taxpayer funding.

Australia Post works closely with other international postal administrations through the Universal Postal Union and the Kahala Posts Group to ensure reliable and efficient delivery of international mail.

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Our operating structure is comprised of the following business units:

  • Managing Director & Group Chief Executive Officer - Ahmed Fahour
  • Corporate & Commercial Services: Group Chief Operating Officer - Ewen Stafford
  • Postal Services: Executive General Manager Postal Services - Christine Corbett
  • Parcel Services: Executive General Manager Parcel Services - Robert Black (effective January 2015)
  • Corporate Affairs & People: Executive General Manager Corporate Affairs & People - Chris Blake
  • Information, Digital & Technology: Executive General Manager Information, Digital & Technology (Chief Information Officer) - Andrew Walduck
  • Marketing & Customer Experience: Executive General Manager Marketing & Customer Experience - Greg Sutherland

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  • Total revenue - $6.4 billion
  • Profit before tax - $103 million
  • Profit after income tax - $116.2 million
  • Dividend to Australian Government - $142.3 million
  • Costs of Community Service Obligations - $203.5 million

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  • Australia Post and StarTrack have more than 36,000 employees in addition to around 10,000 licensees, franchisees and mail contractors
  • Our people represent 137 different nationalities
  • Our people speak more than 65 different languages
  • 1.5% of our workforce is made up of Indigenous Australians
  • 6.9% of our workforce has a disability
  • Women make up 34.1% of our executive workforce

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  • We deliver more than 60 million items every week
  • We deliver to 11.3 million delivery points
  • We deliver mail five days a week to 98.8% of delivery points
  • We deliver mail two days a week to 99.9% of delivery points
  • We maintain approximately 15,800 street posting boxes
  • 94.5% of domestic letters were delivered on time or early
  • The basic postage rate is $1
  • We have Australia's largest retail network with 4,417 Post Offices (including 2,560 in rural and remote areas). We have 2,934 Licensed Post Offices (LPOs), which make up two thirds of our retail network

  • We are an agent for more than 750 businesses and government entities, including over 70 financial institutions

  • We also continue to invest in our retail superstore network, taking the total number of stores to 48. Our superstores' customers can access online shopping zones, 24/7 areas with self-service terminals, 24/7 parcel lockers, and dedicated travel zones

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  • Over the past 12 months, we've brought together StarTrack and Australia Post to establish Australia's largest parcels and logistics network

  • 97.8% of parcels were delivered on time or early in 2013/14

  • Australians now spend more than $15.5 billion a year online, and online spending now accounts for 6.6% of traditional retail spending

  • We now have over 180 24/7 Parcel Lockers nationwide and offer parcel collection from more than 725 Post Offices

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  • During 2013/14, we raised $513,903 for the Workplace Giving program consisting of employee donations totalling $316,444 and Australia Post's matched contribution of $194,459

  • Our aim is to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2020 (this target is based on year 2000 emission levels). In 2013-14, we reduced our direct and indirect carbon emissions from fuel and power by a further 6.9%. We have now achieved a total 14% improvement on our carbon emissions baseline

  • Our Neighbourhood Trust 2013 grants program provided grants of up to $25,000 to 107 community organisations

  • In February 2014, we announced seven organisations as the national partners in the Our Neighbourhood community program. We will work closely with these organisations over the next three to five years to deliver a series of programs that will build community capacity and impact at a national and local level through education, employment, technology and sport programs

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POLi Payments is an online payment platform that enables direct transfer of funds between bank accounts in real time for bill payments and eCommerce transactions

Sai Cheng Logistics International is a joint venture with China Post to provide supply chain management and logistics services between China, Australia and the rest of the world

Post Logistics Hong Kong provides a freight forwarding service

Decipha offer mailroom and document workflow services

SecurePay online payment gateway is trusted by over 20,000 businesses to accept and manage their payments from cards and bank accounts.

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For media enquiries only, please contact the Australia Post National Media Line on 03 9106 6666.

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