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In May 2013, Australia Post proudly launched its community program - Our Neighbourhood.

Our Neighbourhood aims to build on our ongoing commitment to the community, beyond our business operations and our role as a large employer.

Central to Our Neighbourhood is the theme of "inclusion" and our belief that serving the Australian community is our reason for being - as it has been for over 200 years. The notion of community service is ingrained in the daily operations of our business.

Through Our Neighbourhood, Australia Post will help build healthier, more vibrant and more inclusive communities, through the following key areas of focus:

  • providing all Australians with access to essential products and services - as well as the knowledge to use these services to connect in both the physical and digital world
  • maintaining a diverse, inclusive workplace that values the contribution made by people from varying backgrounds and neighbourhoods across our nation
  • investing in programs and activities that foster community spirit, connect communities and contribute to building a more inclusive Australia, and
  • providing support to Australian communities in times of major crisis

Our Neighbourhood will come to life through our existing partnerships as well as a number of new initiatives such as grants, literacy programs, and new community products and services.

Visit the Our Neighbourhood website

Our Neighbourhood National Community Partners

A key component of Our Neighbourhood has been the selection of the Our Neighbourhood National Community Partners. We have established strong and enduring relationships with 6 organisations who demonstrate leadership and have expertise in delivering community programs that build capability at both a national and local level.

The Our Neighbourhood National Community Partners are:

  • Netball Australia
  • The AFL
  • Infoxchange
  • The Pyjama Foundation
  • Lifestyle Solutions
  • Social Traders

Visit to find out more.

Our Neighbourhood Community Grants

The Our Neighbourhood Community Grants program encourages community organisations to apply for funding of one-off cash payments of up to $10,000.

The Our Neighbourhood Community Grants program recognises the important role our smaller charities and community groups play in connecting people, and positively shaping our nation.

Projects will need to benefit the wider community, align with the key focus areas and primary audiences, and meet an immediate need of the community.

For more information:

Our Neighbourhood Trust

The Our Neighbourhood Trust is a public charitable fund that we set up to provide a way for our staff, our customers and the community to support those who need it most.

Donations made to the Trust are distributed back into local communities via the Our Neighbourhood Community Grants program.

Where does the money go?

We fund the Trust's operating expenses and a number of community grants. In the three years since the Trust started, thousands of applications have been received. Over 450 community projects have been funded since 2013.

Check out the latest grant winners.

In particular, the Trust supports the following key audiences:

  • Socially disadvantaged
  • Regional and remote communities
  • Indigenous Australians
  • Local communities
  • Culturally and linguistically diverse groups
  • People living with a disability
How you can help

Donate online

You can donate via the Our Neighbourhood website

Donate through your bank

If you don't have access to a computer or smartphone to donate online, then you can deposit any amount you wish to the Our Neighbourhood Trust Account, banking details below:

  • Account name: Our Neighbourhood Pty Ltd ATF Our Neighbourhood Trust
  • Account number: 2000-15060328
  • Bank Name: Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Donate at the Post Office

Alternatively, you can donate via any Post Office. Just let the retail staff know that you want to make a donation to the Our Neighbourhood Trust, and give them the following information:

  • Transaction code 'TC1038' (Our Neighbourhood Trust)
  • Provide 'Donors name' (eg. customer name)
  • Select 'Our Neighbourhood Trust - National' as the cause

If you work for us, you can donate through workplace giving

Our people can support the Our Neighbourhood Trust through our Workplace Giving Program or through our in-house workforce event 'Doing it Differently Day'

More Information

Visit the Our Neighbourhood website for more information on how the Trust is managed.

For general enquiries about the Trust, please contact us on 1300 765 772, or email us at

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In May 2014 we launched our national engagement program to educate, inform and engage the Australian community about the changes we're making to how we work. Through the program, we'd also like to share how we'll continue to provide important services to Australian communities into the future.

We continue to listen to what the Australian community has to say about our business as we evolve. We've already had some great feedback, which you can read in our community views and national engagement report (PDF).

Our community engagement program includes a range of measures to provide information, to give breadth and depth to the discussion, and to help people to get involved and have their say.

We're continuing to connect with the community through the following initiatives:

Community Stakeholder Engagement Program

In 2015, we launched our Community Stakeholder Engagement Program. This program was set up to find out how changes to the way we operate would be received by key community organisations.

Through this ongoing program, we continue to listen to their views and ideas, and are improving our understanding of how we can work together as our business changes.

National Conversation Online Platform

In June 2014 we launched our National Conversation - a website that invites the Australian community to share views and discuss the future of our business and the way we operate.

Since launch, more than 170,000 people have visited the National Conversation site. The feedback we've received is helping us to better understand what's important to the community, and the things we need to do to remain relevant into the future.

You can visit our National Conversation site to see the conversations we've had to date, or to ask a question of your own.

Local Community Engagement

Between May 2014 and November 2015 we ran a program in partnership with Federal MPs, to engage with local communities about proposed changes to our business. We held 206 community engagement events in 204 towns across 131 electorates.

As a part of this program, we held in-person 'Listening Posts' in communities across Australia, where we asked the community to come along, meet our representatives at a local Post Office and engage in discussions on community expectations for our business, both now and into the future.

Through this engagement, we've received some important insights on our reforms, as well as other valuable community-specific feedback.

We'll continue this type of engagement to gain understanding at a local level about what is important to our customers and communities.

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Our education website provides interactive learning materials for teachers and school children, focused on developing literacy and letter writing skills.


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Ucan2 is an education and settlement program run by Foundation House, Victoria's leading refugee support organisation. Australia Post has partnered with Foundation House since July 2010 to provide mentors and casual employment opportunities for young people aged between 16 and 24 from a refugee background.

The program provides the opportunity to receive mentoring by our staff who provide access to social and business networks and work experience to help the young people integrate into Australian life. The goal of the program is to increase education, training and employment options for these young people within the first 15 months of arriving in Australia.

The Crunch

An initiative of Social Traders is a mentor program called "The Crunch" which Australia Post has been a proud supporter of since 2010. The Crunch is an initiative for early stage social enterprises aiming to receive investment and start trading within 12 months.

Our employees participate in a six month intensive action learning program that matches their skills with a start-up social enterprise. The program has enabled Australia Post employees to develop leadership, mentoring and cross-functional business skills while supporting entrepreneurs within the community.

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Workplace Giving

We have a long history of supporting our employees through our voluntary Workplace Giving program, which allows staff to contribute to a range of charities important to them through their pay via pre-tax donations.

In 2016, we implemented an online Workplace Giving program partnering with the industry leading platform Good2Give. Good2Give lists over 1,700 registered charities, and provides both a faster and more immediate support of emergency appeals, and the ability to add new charities currently not listed.

In addition, we match all Workplace Giving donations dollar for dollar, up to $200 each year for every employee - this now covers any charity registered on Good2Give* (limited to a total of $400,000 per year).

In 2015-16 the Workplace Giving program generated charitable donations of $483,911.16, made up of employee donations of $298,552.90 and matched donations by us of $185,358.26.

If you want to know more about our Workplace Giving program, you can email us at

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Australian Football League (AFL)

We believe that footy helps to build inclusive, cohesive, multicultural communities. Footy has the power to connect people and ultimately lead to a greater understanding between people.

We're the official community inclusion partner of the AFL. Since 2012, this partnership has been used as a platform to celebrate diversity, drive staff engagement and foster social inclusion.

Our partnership with the AFL includes Community Camps across Australia, multicultural ambassadors, as well as multicultural programs and a school letter-writing program.

Together with the AFL, we'll continue to work together to encourage participation at all levels of the game, drive community connection and help to build healthier more vibrant neighbourhoods across Australia.

Australia Post Australian Legends Award

Each year we recognise inspirational Australians who've made a significant impact on our national culture, by honoring them on a stamp. The Australia Post Australian Legends Award began in 1997 when Sir Donald Bradman was the first living Australian to appear on an Australian stamp. Before that, members of the royal family had been the only living people honoured on our nation's stamps..

Visit the Australia Post Collectables website for more information.


GiveEasy is a cloud-based digital fundraising platform using social and mobile technology to help organisations engage with donors.

To date, more than 400 not-for-profit organisations have joined GiveEasy, raising millions of dollars for important causes and projects around Australia.

Our partnership with GiveEasy aim's to build the innovation capability of the community sector. Since 2015, we have worked with GiveEasy to deliver the 'Innovation Index - The Australian Not for Profit Sector' report. This annual report is the first of its kind in Australia, providing insights into how the sector is embracing innovation.

To find out more, visit:

Melbourne Innovation Centre

Working with Melbourne Innovation Centre (MIC), we're helping start-ups in Heidelberg West to get their businesses started online.

We have provided office space in which MIC provides an incubator program for new digital businesses in Melbourne's north, guiding them through critical early stages of development.

The goal is to help small businesses to get established and turn a profit and continue to provide support once a business graduates from the incubator program after about three years.

In turn, the businesses give back by creating jobs and encouraging other would-be entrepreneurs. Their success also adds to the economic prosperity of the area.

To find out more, visit:

Australia Post Small Business Hive

The Australia Post Small Business Hive is a proof of concept trial that launched in Geelong in early 2016. This initiative aims to develop existing under-utilised real estate assets to deliver benefits to the local community of micro, small and start-up businesses.

The Small Business Hive is a collaboration and co-working community located in the heart of Geelong. It enables businesses to realise their full potential and provides opportunities for members to share skills, learn from experts and access a wealth of knowledge and inspiration from a diverse business community.

The Small Business Hive exists to build a supported, connected and cohesive community of like-minded people.

Visit Small Business Hive for more information. 

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Our vast national retail and distribution network enables us to lend a significant helping hand during times of emergencies. Some of our recent relief efforts were for the Red Cross Tasmanian Bushfire Appeal and the Red Cross Queensland Flood Appeal.

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Supporting local farmers

Through our online farmers' market initiative - Farmhouse - we help Australian farmers and producers in local and regional communities get their products out to more people Australia wide.

We offer a simple, alternative channel for Australian farmers to sell their goods. By providing an online marketplace, Australian farmers can sell directly to customers without the middle-man; just like the local farmers market.

Customers can purchase high-quality, fresh and preserved produce, including certified organic food and gluten-free products, and have their order conveniently delivered to their home, with no need to wait until market day, or travel too far. Plus, customers will know exactly where their food comes from and that their purchase is directly supporting farmers and regional sellers across Australia.

Farmhouse has over 220 Australian farmers and producers selling online, who offer over 2,400 Australian grown and made products to choose from.

Visit Farmhouse to find out more.

* Workplace Giving is only available to employees paid through the Australia Post payroll system. Excludes charities that don't accept corporate donations.

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