Australia Post is bringing postcards back with our new app!

06 July 2012

Australia Post's new iphone app, Australia Post Postcards, brings back the tradition of sending postcards with a modern, personalised twist!

Now you can send postcards to anyone, anywhere in the world, without leaving your deckchair using a photo taken with your iPhone camera or from your image library.

Australia Post converts the image into a high-quality physical postcard with a friendly hand written font and delivers it for only $1.99 within Australia or $2.99 for anywhere in the world. Customers can pay with MasterCard, Visa or PayPal.

The app is free to download and simple to use making sending your postcards quick, easy and fun!

"Australia Post is continually looking for ways to make our products and services a helpful part of our customers' lives both physically and digitally," said Catriona Larritt, Australia Post's General Manager Post Digital.

"We've recently upgraded our other iphone app with exciting features like barcode scanning and currency conversion to make it easier for our customers to use our services wherever they are.

"Our Australia Post Postcards are making it easier for Australians to share their happy snaps in a fun, personalised and convenient way. It's all about giving our customers choice about how, where and when they can access our range of services.

"Later this year we'll be launching our Australia Post Digital Mailbox, free for every Australian, which is a convenient, secure place to pay bills and manage important documents like your tax records and passport using your favourite device."

Australia Post Postcards is available now in the app store or for more information go to